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Organizational function
The Head of Delivery reports to the Chief Technology Officer, and is responsible for implementing Governance, Reporting and Delivery mechanisms and tools within the company. The Head of Delivery will manage and scale up the Delivery team.

Objectives of this Role

The Head of Delivery works effectively with Stakeholders, Product Owners, Project Managers and other key personnel, and is ultimately accountable for the successful delivery for all engagements.

The Head of Delivery is looking across engagements at what could block the teams from being able to deliver successfully; what the right composition of the team needs to be in terms of roles and capabilities and what governance processes does the team have to meet in order to stay on track to deliver.

We have 4 engagement types that are split into managed and unmanaged delivery:

Managed delivery

  • Product Team (Agile cross-functional team working with the client Product Owner. T&M engagement over a longer time period building a product).

  • Turnkey (Traditional waterfall project with fixed price and timeline).

Unmanaged delivery

  • Extension (client directly hires our team members as extension to their team).;

  • Partner (client uses us as a subcontractor and engages a significant amount of people).



  • Define delivery principles in line with company strategy and values.

  • Help the organization, with a main focus on the delivery teams, to continuously improve understanding, skills and capacity by defining and structuring the curriculum, mentoring and training strategy for Seven Peaks.

  • Help the organization to continuously improve Delivery process by observing and providing regular feedback.

Department (“Delivery”)

  • Build and lead a diverse department of Project Managers/Coordinators and Scrum Masters ensuring the correct mix of knowledge and experience to deliver a market-leading service.

  • Work with the team to communicate, manage and execute on strategy using OKRs.

  • Perform training, and appraisal of all members of the department, providing clear direction for skills enhancement and career development.

  • Responsible for a full employee life cycle, including but not limited to:

    • Hiring the right people into the department

    • Make sure the new employees are onboarded into the department in a way that makes them feel instantly part of the team and at home in Seven Peaks

    • Perform probation reviews and make appropriate decisions based on the probation review

    • Make sure all employees have a development plan and that the plan is executed so all employees  can see their career path 

    • Perform formal appraisals every year

    • Have regular 1:1 with all employees to make sure employees feel seen and cared for

  • Be responsible for building and nurturing a good culture and relationship in the department.

  • Ensure that team members are optimally productive (billable hours) according to company KPI’s or fallback to value-add internal tasks such as pre-sales or content creation for marketing.

Other departments / teams

  • Work with the People team to secure resources from external suppliers and Production groups (Engineering and Design) in order to ensure correct project staffing.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders in the Delivery department and other departments, incl. Head of Product and Lead Scrum Master, to make sure processes and practices are complementing and not competing or otherwise misaligned.

  • Collaborate with the product and engineering departments to develop, collect, and report on functional KPIs to ensure that the health and effectiveness all projects and initiatives can be monitored over time.


  • Own and define written processes and best practice tools for successful Delivery, including the process for each engagement types.

  • Help the organization to continuously improve Delivery processes by observing and providing regular feedback.

  • Define governance mechanisms and maintain portfolio overview of all client engagements to ensure timely execution, status updates and internal/external stakeholder management.

  • Maintain updated issue/risk log and review with Project Owners and escalate issues to Project Owner and/or management as necessary.

  • Directly communicate with business stakeholders to discuss progress and update them on related projects.

  • Have focus on productization and standardization to make sure the department constantly can be more effective in their daily work.

  • Work with stakeholders, assistant product owners and analytics professionals to surface strategic product opportunities for our customers.

  • Aide our clients in learning to focus on outcomes and not output.

  • Proactively scan the market for innovative solutions and opportunities that will optimize how we work and serve clients.

Team allocation

Team Allocation is the process of identifying and forecasting, and allocating appropriate team members and roles to all  projects at the right time and cost.

Purpose of team allocation process is:

  • Maximize the number of billable hours across the organization.

  • Maximize the number of billable hours per team member in accordance with the target billable allocation.

  • Provide sales visibility into team availability.

  • Provide recruitment visibility into team members needed to hire for upcoming opportunities and market outlook.

  • Select the right person for the job or opportunity at hand.

  • Allocate and compose cross-functional product and project teams that can successfully deliver on the engagement at hand.

  • Map the roles (and responsibilities) in product and project teams.

  • Allocate team members in a way that plays to their personal growth and career advancement.

  • Allocate team members based on their interest and passions.


  • Facilitate weekly proposal meeting with sales.

  • Decide with stakeholders, which opportunities to pursue (i.e. create proposal) and which ones to forgo.

  • Allocate proposal teams.

  • Participate in pre-sales with the main focus on bringing additional experience and seniority to the pre-sales team and to help consult our customers.

  • Take lead on important proposals (TOR, RFP etc).

  • Help the organization to improve pre-sales process by observing and providing regular feedback.

Business development / External

  • Be a thought leader in the industry as a whole and drive engagement with the marketing via articles, events and meetups.

  • Contribute to sales and marketing content/material to promote our services.

  • Contribute to development of commercial service offerings.


  • 10+ years of experience in leading and delivering Complex Projects & Program Delivery (Agile & Non-Agile).

  • Experience Building high performing distributed teams.

  • Experience building Agile way of working organization and culture, being responsible for Business and Organisation culture Transformation.

  • Proven results in developing Software Solutions, Delivery, including Vendor Sourcing and Management.

  • Skills in Customer-Centric Design, Digital Strategy & Execution.

  • A Trouble-shooter and out of the box thinker.

  • Strong project management skills, and People leadership experience is a must.

  • Having a degree is great but  if you have proficiency through experience that will also be considered on an equal basis.

  • Ability to understand and lead reporting for Executive Management/C-level.

  • Thai language proficiency is preferred

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